cropped-img_04462.jpgwilkinson wilkinson are artists, designers, makers, writers. They also happen to be sisters.

Joanna studied Illustration at Brighton and has been drawing, printing, painting and making illustrated books ever since. Over the last five years her books have made appearances on many tables at many book fairs all over the world. Last year she was selected for a book residency at Hot Bed Press in Salford. She has taught quite a lot too.

Lindsay studied Fashion Knitwear at Nottingham Trent and has designed clothes for most of the UK high street. She ran a successful Childrenswear Design & Manufacturing business for just a little too long. Latterly she has been writing: her short stories and poetry have been published in anthologies and magazines.

wilkinson wilkinson’s New Year Resolutions included:

1) laughing in the face of middle age

2) setting up a business together

3) getting rich and having fun

4) accepting that they will probably never get rich, thus concentrating on having lots and lots of fun

Their aims are:

a) to make nothing that is neither beautiful nor useful

b) to do what they love and love what they do

Their products include:

i) hand made illustrated books

ii) mounted / framed artworks and prints

iii) papier maché vessels

iv) printed and embroidered cushions, aprons, tea cozeees, tea towels and lampshades

v) lovely t shirts for lovely women

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Cool! You’ll be the funkiest duo around. Can’t wait to see your creations. Go into motorbike design and I’ll be in heaven. Good luck girls xx


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We will be posting details of places where we’re selling direct to the public. If you follow this blog you’ll be kept in touch and also receive details of when we set up online shopping. X


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