big cushions, big news – well, for us…

Hi guys, we’ve been busy. We all say that, don’t we, when we’ve not posted for a while, but we have, honest.

We’ve been walking puppies, and old soldiers, come sun, come snow.

We’ve been teaching small children.

We’ve been selling houses.

We’ve been buying ugly bungalows.

And getting excited by how we’re going to unuglify them.

We’ve been booking up venues and market stalls.

We’ve been washing and ironing and cooking and eating and shopping and drinking and going to the cinema and playing ukeleles and walking and writing and reading and drawing and sewing and sewing and sewing

and we’ve been making some BIG beautiful cushions…

Come see us, and touch and smell and maybe buy some of our lovely stuff.

You can find us here:

Kirkstall Abbey Markets this weekend – Saturday and Sunday

Burton Overy Village Hall on Saturday May 7th

Ashley Farm Shop on Saturday May 21st

It would be SO GOOD to see you at one/some/all of these events.


wilkinson & wilkinson x





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